Where to play Pickleball

Pickleball is offered at multiple locations, both indoor and out, in the Denver Parks & Recreation district. Here is a list of Denver rec centers that offer pickleball play. Remember to check with each rec center as times/events/holidays can modify the schedule.  Pickleball Calendar Fall 2018

We have a tool to help you find places/players in Denver. Join us on Teamup and you can schedule games at specific times and venues! Never have to worry about having enough players again! We encourage players to sign-up! This allows other players to know where and when the games are.

DIRECTIONS FOR TEAMUP: Don't mess with the left side since it toggles venues off and on for EVERYBODY. Just click on the date and venue (different colors), type in your name in the WHO box, and click save. If it asks you then, click the "single" event so you do not sign up for every week in perpetuity. If you are not the first one to sign up, it may not give you this choice, and it automatically assumes you are signing up for just that day.
The WHO box seems to have unlimited room, so you can add what time you will be there. Press SAVE.

That's it. It takes 90-seconds to sign up and makes it easier for groups to know where and when to play.